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Our commitments

The Group is convinced of its role to play as an employer and as a banker in society. It has prioritized several initiatives that aim to help build an inclusive and sustainable society.

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They participate in the implementation of its CSR strategy

Nos engagements My Feel Good

My Feel Good is a program launched in 2020, for commitment and quality of life at work. This collective encourages personal development and develops well-being at work through various initiatives.

Dedicated events throughout the year

  • Promotion of physical activities: walking, rowing, solidarity races, triathlon, indoor football. 
  • Organization of My Master Class with external speakers: personal development, topics related to current events... 
  • Meetings: Kids Day, Week of the QVCT, Health Day, literary season


We also support causes and associations through the My Feel Good program: 

  • Pink October, 
  • Movember, 
  • Imagine For Margo, 
  • Action Against Hunger...
Charlotte et Kawtar fondatrice de mix my group

Created in 2021, Mix My Group is an initiative led by group employees in favor of diversity and inclusion open to all employees.

Mix My Group

The commitments of this community include 4 main themes:

• Promote diversity and inclusion within the group
• Commit to disability
• Support equal opportunities and social diversity
• Encourage and develop female talents


Mix My Group offers a training program, called "ELLE", for development aimed at female employees of the group and focusing on leadership, negotiation, personal branding and the balance between private and professional life.

Thanks to the ELLE program, more than 60 employees have been trained and made aware.

Dedicated events throughout the year

Throughout the year, events are offered to all employees on themes of diversity and inclusion: cognitive biases, disability, work/personal life balance, neurodiversity, internal mentoring .

We also support causes and associations through the Mix My Group program:

  • Proxité
  • Hope, sports and solidarity media
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Nos engagements pour l'environnement Illustration plage
My Climate School

My Green Team brings together a group of ambassadors committed to the environment.
This community strengthens the place of climate and environmental issues within the group and its various entities.

Climate training for all employees

Since 2022, our employees have been able to discover My Climate School, an online training course, made up of more than 150 e-learning chapters, to understand the impact of climate change, train and act in favor of environmental transition.

Climate Fresk

The community counts among its ambassadors 15 fresk artists trained in the animation of the Climate Fresk. Workshops are held regularly at our premises.

More than 150 employees followed a Climate Fresk!

Our conviction is that the success of My Money Group and its subsidiaries depends on the behavior of each of us. Our future is based on our professional skills and integrity, in compliance with laws and regulations.

It is in this spirit that the code of conduct was developed, it guides our attitudes and our behavior.

He says what we are!

Ce que nous sommes - Code de conduite